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Bitcoin, 'Realcoin', and a £3m dram...

Pieces of Eight 02 - Bitcoin crashes, real coins prosper, as investors get drunk on whisky!
Bitcoin, 'Realcoin', and a £3m dram...
Source: Spink & Son

📈 Bitcoin has plummeted nearly -50% to $36,200, down from its all time highs of $68,990 in October 2021, as Elon Musk loses $25 Billion in a tech sell-off.

👑 Gold Henry III coin is found by metal detecting hobbyist in Devon, England and sold for £540k ($728k) at Auction. The coin is the first of its kind to be found in 260 years and is one of eight known examples. The auction price comes as no surprise as Numismatic News reports coin collecting and valuations are on the up; NGC certified 4.9 million coins, tokens and medals in 2021 and Professional Coin Grading Service recently announced that its key rare coin index rose 16 percent from the same date one year earlier.

Our Take: Due to the volatility of crypto coins, ownership of physical coins may prove appealing to savvy collectors.
With physical coin collecting and valuations on the up and extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, digital collectables backed by a physical coin may become more appealing.

🥃 The worlds largest whisky collection has finally sold - more than 9,000 bottles and 23 auctions later - for a total of £3.36m.  Insider explain that the seller's motivation was to share the experience with other collectors and to raise some money for charity in the process.

Our Take: Whisky continues to be a driving force in the collectables market, is this a class which excites you?
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