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Collection and Curation at Showpiece: What Makes the Cut?

We pride ourselves on being passionate about collectibles, and this passion translates into the types of collectibles we acquire. We try to create, and provide immersive ownership experiences by bringing collectibles to life.
Roman gold and silver coins.

At Showpiece, we strive to make items with incredible stories accessible to everyone. We also seek to eliminate common constraints that emerge in the world of rare collectibles, such as cost and conservation concerns.

Collection of US stamps.

What sets Showpiece apart from the rest?

Sourcing collectibles is a process that merges our passion with yours. In our search for exciting new collectibles, we are guided by our desire to create an elevated experience of shared ownership. We aim to make ownership an effortless process for you, right from purchasing pieces online, to receiving any physical benefits as part of a Showpiece tier, as well as selling pieces within the Showpiece marketplace.

Item exploration is usually carried out keeping in mind certain criteria. The type of items we pick primarily relies upon collector interest and opinion; we tie in your wants and needs with every item we bring on board. To ensure we’re up to speed with what you consider valuable and interesting, we conduct in-depth interviews, and use polls and surveys. These also help us understand collector engagement, and learn which items possess public appeal and attract individuals with varied interests.

Red 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder SWB
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Every Showpiece has an important story to tell

Some other essential factors that we look for include items with a track record of desirability that we can acquire at fair prices. Items with rich provenance that can be easily established also make for attractive options. Establishing provenance involves dating, tracing and assimilating a timeline of an items origin and ownership through the years. We always give special thought to the storage and upkeep that is required, and make sure we can efficiently care for them without compromising their condition. While exploring possible items for sale, coming across visually striking examples is also an important consideration. Our potential Showpiece options have included fossils, an enigma machine, and several rare manuscripts!

We know it is important to you for every Showpiece to have a powerful story, which is why we prioritise such collectibles whenever we make a purchase. We look for pieces that represent revolutionary or iconic moments from history. Similarly, influential leaders, creators or artists who have changed the world are also identified, and some of their most significant pieces are reviewed. Our surveys also suggest that you prefer items that are unobtainable, promising exclusive status, and a competitive edge over other collectors; which is why we source some of the rarest items from across the globe.

Two art experts appraising painting.

Receiving expert advice is critical

Once we reach a consensus on whether the item is a good pick, we consult renowned specialists, who offer us invaluable advice by bringing any concerns with the nature and quality of the piece to our attention. They also compare the item to other potential pieces, and draw conclusions about whether or not it meets collector requirements. We enlist the services of category specialists who evaluate specific features of the item. Valuations of items enable us to not only eliminate certain pieces, but also appropriately price items before debuting them on the collectibles market. Specialists like Gurr Johns, Baldwin's and Stanley Gibbons authenticate and validate the provenance, and condition of collectibles we add to our collection.

Woman looking at paintings in gallery.

What will the future of Showpiece look like?

We’re looking to further our reach by expanding our collection of Showpieces, and ensuring our community of collectors can grow. We also seek to turn Showpiece into a popular platform for you to share your opinions, connect with other collectors, and encourage conversations around the art of collecting. The Showpiece experience is about more than just buying and owning pieces – we seek to enhance every aspect of collecting and ownership.

In the next year or so, with a little help from our rapidly growing community of collectors, we will continually increase our impressive collection of items.

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- Rhea Guruswamy