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In for a penny...

We have been blown away by the response to the 1c Magenta, and based on that and lots of discussion with our collectors we have purchased our second item!
In for a penny...
We're almost this excited


It’s been an incredible few months for Showpiece, the 1c Magenta provided an epic first item owing to its incredible story and standing as the very pinnacle of philately, selling over £1m to 1400 collectors worldwide.

Owing to the success of this first offering, we’re proud to announce that Showpiece have purchased our second item and are actively pursuing our third based on your generous feedback.   To all of our collectors, we can’t thank you enough for joining the Showpiece journey at the very beginning.   Special thanks go out to our ‘Founding Members Club’ who are helping us to shape the future of Showpiece and we hope subsequently, the collectables market!

So what is it then?

We’ll be making a full reveal very soon, but we can give you a few hints… answers on a postcard (or an email) if you think you know what it is!

  • This numismatic item is linked with a breaking of tradition, fitting we think as we make it available to all for the very first time through fractionalisation
  • British royalty failed in its attempt to acquire the 1c Magenta and it remains the only Philatelic icon absent from the Royal Collection, our second item shares a similar history
Think you know what it is? Let us know by emailing us at hello@showpiece.com