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Valuation Update - Andy Warhol's Reigning Queens

Andy Warhol's Reigning Queens - Showpiece Presents: History, Now in your hands

Offering Update

Showpiece were advised to have the HC3/3 Reigning Queens, 1985 revalued for insurance purposes and following a 3rd party valuation, the estimated value is between £525,000 and £630,000 (Previously £350,000).

This will not immediately impact the offering which will remain at 3,500 Pieces priced at £100 per Piece, although this will be subject to review.

Reigning Queens Pieces Remaining

Under 20% of the Pieces are available with a limited number of Gold Tier reproductions.  These are full sized, colour matched and Warhol Foundation approved, crafted by our friends at King and McGaw.

Reigning Queens In The News

The stunning portrait was utilised by a variety of institutions and media outlets following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.  It should come as no surprise, Warhol's was a truly unique take on a beloved monarch, which even Buckingham Palace recognised in private letters exchanged in 1985 which stated "Her Majesty was most pleased".


Tate Modern - Reigning Queens

 Independent - Reigning Queens


Evening Standard Reigning Queens

  Sotheby's Reigning Queens Private Collection














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