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A coin in the hand is worth two in the ether?

Reasons for cheer in numismatics as a surge in value, volume and engagement continues into 2022
A coin in the hand is worth two in the ether?

📈A huge drop in the value of Bitcoin may not spell the end for the historically unpredictable phenomenon but it could provide a boost to those selling in the numismatic world.   An inherent distrust of traditional investment mechanisms and institutions is the prevailing reason many cyber investors are drawn toward crypto currency according to Mark Salzburg, and we're seeing them shift their gaze to the acquisition of real coins.   It's not difficult to see why when considering the trends reported by Numismatic News.

🪙 2022 has barely started and we’ve seen an exquisite Henry III Gold Coin, dated at around 1257, discovered, auctioned and purchased with a promise from the buyer to display the item in a British Museum.   This is about more than a coin, it's a wonderful example of the collecting community coming together.    A tenacious metal detectorist, expertise and care from the auctioneers at Spinks, a demonstration of a buoyant asset category, and a generous benefactor keen to ensure others sharing their passion gain access.

🔮 The coin community recently embraced fractionalisation, taking a small but significant step into the next phase of collectibles.   A 695AD gold from Constantinople represents the first depiction of Christ on a coin recently sold on a US fractionalisation platform Rally Rd for $18k, 2000 Pieces were snapped up by 264 investors within a matter of hours.    Whilst the value is modest compared to more traditional auctions, it’s not a stretch to assume something a little larger will be along soon.

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