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Pieces of Eight: US Crackdown, $90k Sneakers and How the Experts Value Collectables

Pieces of Eight 03 - US Crackdown, $90k sneakers and how the experts value collectables are all discussed this week!
Pieces of Eight: US Crackdown, $90k Sneakers and How the Experts Value Collectables

👑 Showpiece take a look at how different collectable categories are valued. Referred to as “the hobby of the kings,” coin collecting has a history going back thousands of years. While the valuations for annual markets can change year to year, there are four main factors that continue to determine an individual coin’s value:

1) Age is just a number, a minimal factor is actually a coin’s age. There is a widespread notion... continue reading.

🇺🇸 Forbes report that the ongoing volatility of Bitcoin has prompted the Biden administration to issue an executive order that will call on federal agencies to regulate digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and NFTs "as a matter of national security". This isn't simply a crackdown on Crypto currency, but an attempt to take a holistic view and strategy across digital investments and ownership, according to Bloomberg.  

🪙 It's a development in a topic covered in Pieces of Eight recently where we suggested that nerves around volatility could lead to an increase in investment of alternative asset classes backed by a physical item. An opinion shared by Mark Salzberg, chairman of Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) when discussing the topic with Market watch.

Our Take: Stakeholders in the digital asset space need to pay close attention to developments in the US as the grey areas become more black and white.
At some point emerging markets and innovations need regulation to bring order to chaos. While companies scramble to respond to the changing landscape it's of the upmost importance that their customers are prioritised rather than the bottom line.

👟 Hype beast report that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 silhouette. Originally designed in 1982, the shoes have since become an icon. This particular model was unveiled at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2022 runway show, where the late-Virgil Abloh, a long-time collaborator with Nike, designed 47 bespoke Air Force 1s for the French luxury house. Lot 178, which comes with a Pilot Case has a current bid of $90,000 USD with one-week remaining.

Our Take: Branding collaborations can provide an incredible platform when executed effectively.
Nike and Louis Vuitton look to be a match made in heaven, the former offering a broader and more accessible market whilst LV provide the star power. However, not all collaborations are quite as well thought through, just ask Pepsi and Kendall Jenner...