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Pieces of Eight: Watches to appreciate and could Street Art learn from Batman?

Pieces of Eight: Watches to appreciate and could Street Art learn from Batman?

⌚️ Hype beast report on the astonishing performance of Rolex watches over the past decade, highlighting which models have been hits.  Rolex has outperformed major asset classes like real estate, stocks, and gold on average.

Hodinkee continue the Rolex theme but instead focus on the first watch to break the million-dollar mark. It wasn't a Rolex Daytona or a complicated Patek Philippe. It didn't have high-profile celebrity provenance, or donate its proceeds to charity. And it wasn't discussed widely, whatsoever.

Our Take: An incredible performance over time, especially considering the fact the items can be worn! Benefits of ownership are about so much more than just the economics, there is something inherently pleasing about making money on items which you can also enjoy.

🦸🏽‍♀️ An incredibly rare comic book has gone up for sale with a chance for collectors to buy fractional ownership. Fox business cover the $1.8m Batman No.1 offering and the "different needs of the current generation".

🪙 Coin News discuss the relative benefits of digital assets which include ownership of the underlying asset vs those which do not. It results in a quick exploration of the psychology of collecting, ultimately prioritising a need for completion above possessing the item in its entirety.

“even stronger than that desire to physically possess what I collect, is the need (and that’s not too strong a word) to complete that collection—to have that 'full set'” - John W. Mussell, Coin News

Our Take: Whether it is a $1.8m comic or a £200k coin, so many collectables are unobtainable for the overwhelming majority. Fractionalisation can improve access but that only goes so far, those operating in the space including Showpiece must work hard to ensure collectors feel and are treated like real owners, not just a number.

🎨 An original Banksy has been removed from a Welsh town and is being moved to an undisclosed location.  Season's Greetings was bought by gallery owner John Brandler after it appeared on the side of a garage in Port Talbot in 2018.

Our Take: Context is incredibly important in Street Art, it's a shame when local communities are forced to part ways. Can they ironically learn something from Bruce Wayne?
Could fractionalisation or tokenisation be the solution? A community or council working with a partner to create a trust, generating funds which can ultimately protect and maintain the work for many years to come? We'd certainly love to see it.

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