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Pieces of Eight: Art and War

Pieces of Eight: Art and War

Upon reading how the Art world is attempting to support those affected by the war in Ukraine, we were reminded of the impact previous conflicts have had.  So, in a slight break from our usual round up of the week's collectable news, we decided to curate a handful of thought provoking articles.

By way of introduction, Dawn Brancati explores Five ways art and war are related for Political Violence @ A Glance, an award-winning online magazine which attempts to answer questions on the causes and consequences of violence and protest in the world’s conflict zones.

The Imperial War Museum will likely conjure memories or images of military hardware acquired from battle-zones across the globe, however, they also boast an enviable collection of art.  Here they select 10 Pieces in which Artists have explored the subject by showing the awe and spectacle of flight, by revealing surreal aspects of aerial threat or by using abstract forms to convey complex ideas.

For those based in or around London, we can also recommend a visit to the Naval Museum and associated Royal Museums of Greenwich.  Another institution with an incredible collection which flys under the radar.

The Tate explore some of the ways in which artists dealt with and reflected on the horrific consequences of war​​​, from the desolation caused by the loss of loved ones to reimagining a future where conflict has been a catalyst for change.

Finally, The New York Times report on a 2019 Smithsonian exhibit which explores the Vietnam war, with poignant and harrowing paintings and photography which readers may find upsetting.

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