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Pieces of Eight: A Great Escape, A GOAT and Reminder Size Isn't Everything...

Pieces of Eight: A Great Escape, A GOAT and Reminder Size Isn't Everything...

⌚️ A Rolex watch worn by a British prisoner during the real-life 'Great Escape' from the Nazi Stalag Luft III concentration camp is going on sale in New York.
Christie's expects the timepiece to fetch between $200,000 and $400,000 at auction on June 9.    The watch was worn by Gerald Imeson on the night of March 24, 1944 when a group of Allied soldiers undertook the daring escape.

‘Airmen who were kept in Luft camps were treated quite well and there would have been a gentlemen’s agreement for the PoWs to order these watches. The model Flt Lt Imeson chose was one of the top Rolex made at the time.’

- Martin Perrin, previous auction house

Our Take: An incredible story which led to an iconic Hollywood hit. It's believed this time piece was critical in timing the prisoners journey time through the tunnels and without it, we may have missed out on a Hollywood classic! The 1963 film The Great Escape was based on these events, and although some characters were fictitious many were based on real people, or amalgams of several of those involved.

👟 On 10 June, Christie’s, in partnership with Sports Authority Authentication Services (SAAS), will proudly present Six Rings — Legacy of the GOAT, an auction comprising six rare artifacts from the six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan.

Jordan memorabilia expert and Co-Founder of SAAS, Gerard Starkey, offers six key insights into basketball’s greatest and most inspirational athlete — one for each championship ring.

Our Take: The GOAT - 'Greatest of all Time' is reserved for only the very best, that moniker adds unquestionable value to this collection. Widely accepted as the best baller not only of his generation but any other. Jordans stardom took the NBA to new international heights and his heroics alongside 'Magic Johnson' and Charles Barkley in the '92 Olympics decimated all the teams that stood in their way. Anything related to his career is coveted by collectors across the globe.

🥃. The world's largest bottle of whiskey, called "The Intrepid," has sold for about $1.4 million, according to the auction house Lyon and Turnbull.  The bottle, standing 5 feet 11 inches, was given the Guinness World Record in September 2021. It contains 82.16 US gallons, or 311 liters. That's the equivalent of 444 standard bottles -- enough for 5,287 whiskey sours made with 2 ounces of whiskey each.

Our Take: This commanded a huge price at auction, but size isn't everything!  Whilst this auction further demonstrates the power of the whiskey market, it shows that size isn't necessarily everything! $1.4m is impressive but failed to beat the Emerald Isle Collection in partnership with Fabergé which sold for $2m. Though it must be noted a large chunk of the value is down to the exquisitely-crafted 18k gold and emerald Fabergé Celtic Egg and 22k gold Fabergé timepiece encased in rose gold with sapphire crystals, that also comes as part of the set.

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