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Pieces of Eight: Multi Million Dollar Monkey, Shakespeare's First Folio and The Next Vote.

Pieces of Eight: Multi Million Dollar Monkey, Shakespeare's First Folio and The Next Vote.

🐒 Jeff Koons ’ sculpture Balloon Monkey (Magenta) will be offered at Christie’s later this month, with a presale estimate between £6 million and £10 million (US$7.6 million and US$12.6 million). Proceeds from the sale will fund humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, in particular, efforts to assist soldiers and civilians gravely wounded by war.

‘“Every fellow Ukrainian civilian killed or wounded by Russian shelling, shooting, and systematic violence means a wound in our souls. With the proceeds of the auction, we can help save lives,”

- Victor and Olena Pinchuk, one of the most influential couples in Ukraine.

Our Take: The Art world continues to support those in need. Victor and Olena Pinchuk are making significant personal sacrifices in support of the conflict, Koons recognised this during an interview with Sotherby's - “Balloon Monkey (Magenta) fittingly symbolizes hope, affirmation, and transcendence, and I can only hope that the donation of my artwork by Victor and Olena Pinchuk can help draw attention to the need for aid and support for the people of this country, now more than ever”.

🎭  An original copy of William Shakespeare’s First Folio, often referred to as the most important book in English literature, will be auctioned next month in New York. The book, which was printed almost 400 years ago, is one of fewer than 20 copies left in private hands and is estimated to fetch up to $2.5m (£2m), according to the auction house Sotheby’s.  Curated by Shakespeare’s trusted colleagues John Heminges and Henry Condell, the folio comprises 36 plays, half of which had never before been printed.

Our Take: Is a book still a book by any other name? Indeed it is, and this folio is likely to be in incredibly high demand as one of only 20 copies remaining on the open market. Incredibly, 400 years on, the works are still giving rise to cultural discourse - Sotheby’s are hosting "hip-hop versus Shakespeare" where guest speakers George the Poet and Howard Jacobson will debate which form of cultural expression best resonates with audiences.

The next Showpiece selector is here! Follow this link to flick through the twenty items and share you opinions.

In the last poll you voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Eid Mar Roman Coin for which we proceeded to bid £1m, unfortunately, we were beaten with a bid of over £2m!    Also garnering 85% of the vote was 'Darwin - Origin of Species' with honourable mentions going to Banksy and Batman No.1 Comic Book!

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