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Showpiece Presents: History, Now In Your Hands

Showpiece Presents: History, Now In Your Hands

If you’re a fan of history, a lover of compelling stories, or pride yourself on being a collector, you’ll want to attend our upcoming exhibition.

Have you ever read about Darwin’s voyages, or marvelled at Warhol’s art? Well, we’re making it a possibility for you to see, and experience some of the worlds most remarkable objects in one space. We are thrilled to announce Showpiece’s new exhibition, where for the first time ever, all four Showpieces in our collection will be on show, including our latest, beautiful first addition of Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’. That’s £9 million worth of the world’s most rare and coveted collectibles, right before your eyes.


Transforming the way people collect, one powerful story at a time

From the beginning, our objective at Showpiece has always been to offer collectors access to unobtainable items, most would never experience owning. We not only make it possible to own these pieces, we create an engaging, and immersive experience, by offering physical benefits of ownership.

‘Showpiece Presents: History, Now In Your Hands’ gives collectors an exclusive opportunity to occupy the same room as these 4 unique objects, each with its own incredible story.

To attend our exclusive launch event on the 14th of September, 6-8 pm, please click here. Please note, tickets are limited and will run out soon!

The exhibition itself will go live from the 17th of September until the 15th of October with tickets available here, completely free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Showpiece Team.