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Showpiece and Sean Connery's Aston Martin DB5: An Unrequited Love Story

Sean Connery DB5 front view.

Ask, and we will listen.

During our weekly round-up of interesting collectible stories for our newsletter, one particular item caught our eye. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw that Sir Sean Connery’s very own 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was heading to auction. Accompanied by a chance for the highest bidder to ride in the extraordinary vehicle, with acclaimed F1 legend and long-time friend of Connery’s, Sir Jackie Stewart.

Sean Connery DB5 bill of sale.


Fascination with all that is Bond continues 60 years on from Connery’s first performance in ‘Dr No’. His dazzling charm and suave embodiment of the character may be credited for sparking, and maintaining such interest. It is no surprise then that the classic DB5, which played a central role in the films, is considered one of the most iconic, high-end British engineered cars.


Sean Connery DB5 red interior.


Sir Sean himself was so taken with the DB5 that he purchased one in 2018. Complete with leather trim in the cabin, beautiful chrome wire wheels and a larger, more impressive engine under the bonnet, the DB5 was created by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, who masterfully incorporated elements of traditional Italian car design, into the simplicity of sturdy, British trademark engineering. The sleek piece also reflects personal touches by its charismatic owner, who commissioned a ‘snow shadow grey’ repaint, red Connolly leather seats, and left out wing mirrors and Bond movie gadgets, to achieve a cleaner, more comfortable design. The value of the DB5 transcends cinematic fiction, playing to Connery’s sense of class and style; a fitting tribute to his character’s legacy.


Sean Connery DB5 engraving.



Owned by Connery and maintained by his estate after his passing, the piece has been recently serviced by engineering experts R. S. Williams. The DB5’s stellar condition simplifies arranging for its maintenance and storage. A significant portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to a philanthropic fund in Sir Sean’s name as well, making bidding for the DB5 an extremely attractive prospect.

Aware of widespread interest in Bond memorabilia, including stunt cars from the movies, we looked into sourcing such options. However, other models paled in comparison to this DB5. Our collectors felt the same way, with an overwhelming majority showing high interest in the opportunity to acquire it. Conversations with over 500 earnest collectors from all over the world reflected global recognition of the car’s value. By offering fractional ownership of the DB5, we hoped to allow everyone that grew up with Bond as their hero to share in his adventures, relive nostalgia associated with the glamorous car, and feel closer to the magnetic star by becoming a part of his story. Collectors also expressed excitement in owning fractions of the DB5, and joining a community with whom to share their passion for the car.


Sean Connery DB5 rear view.



One thing led to another, and we spoke with experts who sold the DB5 to Connery to verify its provenance and inspect its condition. As expected, the car proved solid on all fronts.

We wasted no time in going after this slice of living history.

Unfortunately, this is where our journey with the DB5 ended, as the auction went above our $2.1m bid and therefore wouldn't have offered our collectors fair market price. While we may have been outbid, our efforts were not in vain, as we have acknowledged considerable interest in the DB5 and other classic cars by our collectors, and are still intending to deliver on our promise to add these to our collection- and yours.

Keep your eyes peeled to see what else we have in store for you!

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